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About our orangutan tour teams

Our team consist between young and
experienced tour guide. Our based is in
Central kalimantan which is known well
update information regarding the orangutan
tour destination. We only provide best
guide, best food, best accommodation,
best crew and BEST DEAL. Our Guide
is good english speaking guide who have been involved with orangutan, wildlife and
tropical jungle at Tanjung puting national
park for years.
We guaranty you to get the trips more than
just experience...............

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  How we organized the trips

I had fulfilled a life long dream to come see
the orangutans of Tanjung Puting and I'm
sure this wasn't going to be my last trip.
My hats off to a great guide and boat
mates who provided a fantastic trip. After
all I have read, I still feel hopeful for the
survival of tem. I've read so many bleak
outlooks, that the population is going to
become extinct in the next ten years, but I
remain positive that the world will come
together and protect what little habitat


I have travelled all over the world and I
can honestly say that KALIMANTAN IS MY

There are 2 places in Africa that come in
second and third ......

Take care.
Warm regards,
Lee Finnegan / USA

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Borneo Orangutan tour packages

Orangutan tours 3 days

Visit orangutan 4 days

Orangutan birdwatching trip 4 days

Orangutan camping trip 4 days

Borneo orangutan 5 days

Orangutan adventures 5 days

Great Orangutan adventure 6 days

Orangutan & dayak culture tour 5 days

Orangutan & dayak adventures 6 days

Great Orangutan & dayak adventures

borneo orangutan tour is orangutan tour specialist, providing detail and update information, news, about orangutan at Tanjung puting national park, central kalimantan, indonesia.

Tanjung puting national park is famous for its wildlife and tropical rain forest, Orangutan is one of an umbrella species who live in harmony with the dence tropical rain forest. Colorful cultures of dayak tribe around kalimantan is one of other wonderful spot to visit.

As one of the major orangutan travel company in kalimantan, we provide and design tour packages which is accommodated awareness of ecotourism and environment. Our packages are suitable for all type of peoples who want to visit, trek, and observe the wildlife and nature around the national park.

Please just simple click to the each magical orangutan packages link to find out detail information about the program, flight, accommodation, price and etc. If you do not find the itinerary you would like to have, please feel free contact us with your detail request, we are really happy to help you to design it.


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